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The Justice League cast recently opened up about the planned standalone movies for the Flash and Cyborg, offering up their take on why fans will be calling for these films in the very near future. There’s a ton of DC Comics movies in the pipeline these days, so keeping track of it all is not a simple task. In 2017 alone, no fewer than
seven new projects have been confirmed to be in some stage of development. And while we’ve known that solo films are in the works for Cyborg and the Flash for years now, neither project has managed to secure a director nor a firm production start date. In fact, after Justice League , the only DCEU movie we know for sure is coming in the near-ish future is the Aquaman film, which wrapped principal photography a few weeks ago.
The Cyborg solo flick was announced over three years ago now, but we’ve learned next to nothing about the project since then. Despite that, the film is said to be on track for its planned April 2020 release date. The Flash movie’s messy pre-production process has been a bit more public, on the other hand, as the project has hired and fired at least two directors and gone through numerous script rewrites. DC recently confirmed that it will be called Flashpoint , however, and that a new director will soon be brought on board to bring the now-finished script to life.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times , Justice League stars Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, and Ray Fisher were asked about the status of the Cyborg and Flash standalone movies. Check out what they had to say:

Fisher: There’s a lot in development for sure. I think after people see Ezra’s performance they’ll be banging down the door for a Flash film.
Momoa: I giggled so much. It’s so fun to belly up and laugh when your friends are just killing it. Flash is amazing.
Miller: I think there’s going to be a huge demand for Cyborg’s film as well because of the emotional gravity this brings. It’s what we find in the Nolan Batman movies.

Ray brings this level of artistry to this role that’s so exciting. Look, we never know anything. To be perfectly honest with you, they keep us in the dark.
The actors spoke abut the camaraderie on set throughout the interview, so it’s not a major surprise to see how supportive these stars are of one another. Ezra Miller’s standout performance in Justice League has been a major talking point in the last few weeks, with many critics citing him as the film’s breakout star. This is promising news for the prospects of his solo movie, which is reportedly heavily dependent on Justice League ‘s reception. That said, even if
JL underperforms and Warner Bros. decides to pivot in some way, Flashpoint could serve as a sort of reset button for the DCEU, in much the same way the comic did. Either way, the Scarlet Speedster has a bright future ahead, and that bolds well for Cyborg as well.
Victor Stone is a major supporting character in the Flashpoint comic and animated movie, so even if a Cyborg solo film doesn’t ultimately happen, Fisher should be returning to the role sooner rather than later. Concerns for the character’s standalone movie aren’t solely derived from the lack of news on the project, however. Cyborg has been conspicuously absent from the vast majority of early
Justice League reviews that made their way online today. Simply put, not too many folks are talking about him, and the reviews that do mention him are decidedly mixed. In any event, it seems that the stars are as “in the dark” about their DCEU future as the rest of us — at least when they’re speaking to the press, anyway.

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